Where pets aren't allowed on premises, even for just 10 minutes, even if kept INSIDE the truck.  Where the insistent guard said "the dog's gotta go!" and when I asked where, the response was "I don't know and I don't care."

Where the policy makers and that guard think a dog is just something to be kicked around and abused, and if it gets lost or killed it's no loss. 

This dog is my family, and I wouldn't kick it out of it's home any more than a father would kick his child out of the house.

Even if I trusted him to a stranger for a short time their are to many risks.  He could be stolen, or react unpredictably, or try to run off to find me, and get lost or killed in the process.

The policy makers at Packerland Packing should walk through a truck stop someday.  They will see and hear more dogs than they would at their local animal shelter.  Probably because most of them are FROM an animal shelter.  And they are ALL supposed to kick their dogs out of the safe, secure, familiar environment of their home at the whim of a stupid rule?

Many truckers bring their pets AND children along.  Would Packerland Packing pry a puppy out of a child's hands and kick it down the road?  Or would they expect the trucker to entrust both the dog AND child to a stranger?

I wanted to hear it from the top instead of a security guard and wrote Packerland Packing and their parent company JBS a letter requesting the official company policy relating to dogs in trucks, on company letterhead, with the name and signature of the person instituting the rule, and received NO response.



I called the Green Bay Police Department and asked if they could go to Packerland Packing, tell them a citizen has a complaint, and get their policy in a police report.

They refused, saying any property owner has every right to make any rule they want pertaining to their property.  Never mind MY property. 

So, if the police suspect a private residence is running a methamphetamine lab, all the homeowner has to do is say his policy is "No police officers allowed on his property."

This is as stupid as the police going to Packerland Packing on police business with a drug sniffing dog, and turning around and leaving when the security guard tells them no dogs are allowed on site.  If I can't do MY business there, than neither should THEY.

So much for the old "To Protect and Serve."


Yet, one driveway down cattle trucks are bringing these guys into Packerland Packing:

They have been standing in their own excrement for hours.  They are brought INSIDE the building.  And they are SLAUGHTERED.

Packerland Packing:  1330 Lime Kiln Road, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54311     920-468-4000

JBS (Parent Company):  2580 University Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54311     920-468-4000    

Green Bay Police Dept:  307 Adams Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54301     920-448-3200